Carbon Trust offers SMEs fully funded energy audits to help reduce energy spend

Posted on: Wednesday 27 March, 2019
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The Carbon Trust Green Business Fund is the energy efficiency support service for small and medium-sized businesses in England, Wales and Scotland. It provides fully funded support through energy assessments, implementation advice and equipment procurement support to help companies achieve a substantial energy and cost savings for their business. Since the programme started in 2016, we have helped hundreds of businesses reduce their energy spend and become more energy efficient.

Energy opportunity assessments are an excellent way for businesses to identify cost saving opportunities and develop a business case for the purchase of more efficient equipment. These consultations take place either remotely or on-site, depending on the size of your business. This service is fully funded by the Green Business Fund and is available to qualifying SMEs who meet the criteria.

Adrian Young of Young Calibration Ltd, a growing SME, said “The Carbon Trust provided us with a thorough, excellent energy assessment and workable solutions for immediate and longer-term objectives for reducing our energy consumption.”

After completing an initial energy assessment businesses may wish to apply for implementation advice and equipment procurement support to help find reputable suppliers who will install appropriately specified equipment for their business needs.  Designed to support businesses with a specific energy saving project in mind (e.g. lighting), your organisation can receive up to 5 days of support from a Carbon Trust consultant – at no cost to yourselves.  This is available for companies with up to 1,000 employees in England, Scotland or Wales.

As part of the wider Green Business Fund programme, we also run a series of workshops around the country aimed at businesses with less than 50 employees. These workshops are typically two hours long and provide a technical overview of best practices for energy efficiency, focusing on major areas of energy consumption, such as heating, lighting, and insulation. Businesses are encouraged to get in touch to request a workshop in their local area.

Free technical webinars are put on several times a month and are delivered by one of the Carbon Trust’s energy experts. These hour long sessions are an easy way to get advice about energy consumption in specific areas of business. Companies can also download our series of free and impartial energy efficiency guides for advice on reducing their carbon footprint, energy efficient technology, renewable energy technologies, and other sector-based advice.

To discuss how your business could benefit from the support on offer, or if you have any questions about the Green Business Fund please email us on or call us on 020 3944 0739 to speak to one of our advisors.

Written By: James Ashwood | Wednesday 27 March, 2019

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