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Free, reliable research for everyone

QuotedData publishes free, reliable educational resources, research and news on carefully selected sectors and companies, only about 10% of which is sponsored. In addition, we provide data, including performance charts and statistics across the full spectrum of pan-European equities.  Our team of expert analysts writes with a balanced view and our goal is to provide you with all the information you need to make your own investment decisions, or to understand in more detail what your adviser is recommending to you.

Our services

  • Daily news digest
  • Company research
  • Monthly/Quarterly sectoral round-up 
  • Investor guides
  • Glossary of investment terms
  • ‘Helpful stuff’ section – general tips on investing
  • Data bank and performance statistics for all pan-European equities
  • Investor events near you database

Click here to see our research objectives and principles.

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