Our mission is to create the UK's best event for small business owners. Our goal is to grow the Festival of Enterprise to be the most important business event in the UK with an attendance in excess of 30k by 2020.

The Festival of Enterprise's proud home is the NEC, the largest and best venue in the Midlands: the region that continues to show the biggest growth outside of the capital and home to a brilliant community of entrepreneurs and a history of innovation.

There is a wealth of business knowledge, opportunities to grow and scale and important business connections to be made and the Festival of Enterprise will become the destination for ambitious business owners to get on the front foot and thrive.

With major changes ahead in the UK business landscape there has never been a greater need to collaborate, innovate and grow bottom lines.

Our door is always open to motivated organisations and individuals who share our values, have something to offer and would like to contribute to the event.

Only by aligning interests and sharing energy will the Midlands succeed in having the best business event in the country in Birmingham with benefits way beyond the region.

Together, we are the Festival of Enterprise.