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As your business scales, what were once relatively simple tasks like onboarding new employees, maintaining data security, or organizing your files become increasingly complicated. Customers often tell us that their move to G Suite helped ease these growing pains by allowing them to grow seamlessly,  stay secure, and be as efficient as possible.

1. Growing businesses use G Suite to grow seamlessly.
Collaborating with coworkers despite distance, maintaining a corporate culture, and onboarding employees are just three examples of core business activities that don’t traditionally scale well. However, cloud-based tools like G Suite can help alleviate some of this complication by allowing you to scale your teams faster, and more efficiently, around the world.

Take onboarding for instance. With G Suite, getting new team members up and running is as simple as a few clicks in the Admin console.

Twinkl Educational Publishing saw these benefits firsthand as they grew their team from 100 people in one country to more than 500 people in 14 countries (in just three years!). Pete Casson, Twinkl’s Chief Technology Office, remarks that “G Suite enables us to grow without barriers.” The now global and highly-remote Twinkl team relies on G Suite to collaborate, using Hangouts Meet to power daily standup meetings, Google Drive to ensure documents are always available and secure, and Hangouts Chat to help teams communicate quickly and move work forward. G Suite is central to Twinkl’s global growth strategy and their goal to be a geo-independent company.

2. Growing businesses use G Suite to stay secure.
Cyber attacks on growing companies can be detrimental, as one breach is often the difference between success or failure. In fact, Promethazine codeine syrup in uk, nearly half of small and medium businesses say a major data breach would likely shut down their business permanently.

The risks are serious, they are also often preventable. While the vast majority of cyber attacks start with a phishing email, Gmail prevents more than 99.9 percent of spam, BEC threats, and phishing emails from ever reaching your inbox. Administrators can also Losartan cinfa 50 mg precio to stop sensitive data like social security numbers or specific medical information from being maliciously—or, more often, accidentally—shared externally.

Zenconnect, a small cloud service provider based in France without a dedicated security team, chose G Suite because it makes it simple to configure, manage and ensure security for their company. As a Google Cloud Platform (GCP) customer as well, Zenconnect takes advantages of the close integration between G Suite and GCP to manage access and identity all within the same console, greatly simplifying setup.  G Suite is also equipped for the toughest security and privacy standards, including GDPR, an important consideration for Zenconnect and many other companies.

3. Growing businesses use G Suite to be as efficient as possible.
Finally, if you’re trying to scale your business, you’re likely operating full-steam under resource constraints. This means being efficient isn’t a luxury for you—it’s a necessity.

G Suite is infused with Google’s artificial intelligence, which means it can help companies get work done faster than ever before. For example, assistive technology in Drive can help surface relevant content quickly so users don’t have to dig to find information, and in Gmail, AI can help you Meloxicam prescription dosage or even Achat xenical france.

The nature of G Suite’s cloud-based tools also means there is no waiting for systems to update and minimal downtime. Even if an employee spills coffee on their computer, they can quickly get back up and running from any device with a web browser. And close integrations with other apps like Salesforce, SAP, and DocuSign can quicken workflows.

A Propecia prescription online commissioned by Google and Forrester estimates that companies that adopt G Suite realized a 3X ROI in cost savings in just three years—reflected by increased employee efficiency, reduced tech support, retired on-premise hardware and consolidated software licenses. We hear from customers everyday about these types of efficiencies, like global retailer GANT, which was able to open their new flagship store 75 percent faster than usual—just 3 months, instead of the typical 12.

Getting started
If you want to set your business up for success, it’s time to consider investing in truly cloud-native tools, which can open up opportunities for growth, increase security for your company data, and, most importantly, save you time and money. To learn more about G Suite, visit Best place to buy amoxicillin online.

Research reveals how to make mobility work best for your business

It’s essential for businesses today to use technology to solve problems and become more efficient. Of course, this kind of digital transformation doesn’t happen overnight. There are lots of new tools to explore to help move your business forward. If you’re managing user devices, you know that finding the right balance of empowering users and protecting the business is essential.

And according to research firm IDC, the mobility enabled by cloud-native tools and devices like Android is a key way businesses can address the challenges they face in a fast-paced tech world—namely security, compatibility, and device capabilities. Mobility generally, and Android in particular, has the potential to help teams collaborate across devices and work in new ways.What is the cost of venlafaxine without insurance, sponsored by Google, that describes how organizations can take advantage of business solutions, platform security, customizable hardware options, and user-friendly management and deployment capabilities to best equip their teams for success.

In its series of whitepapers that make up the research, IDC identified the three most important considerations when choosing the right mobility solution: security, solution breadth, and a good experience for IT and end users. IDC also found that Android performed well in all of these categories.

Flexibility and security for the cloud worker era
Kamagra oral jelly original bestellen—a growing workforce segment, made up of those who work an average of 4.6 hours a day in browser-based business apps across multiple devices—depend on the ability to work across devices and with colleagues and customers without tech barriers. With more data than ever generated and shared through cloud and other enterprise systems, these workers require real-time access to the right information.

In its research, IDC found that Android is a strategic mobility platform that can address these needs, with our secure mobile OS, ecosystem of OEM and software partners, and underlying management capabilities. In addition, the research found that Chrome and G Suite also fit the bill for these business needs, and can create the path for a business to solve problems and work quickly at scale in new and innovative ways.

Here’s a deeper look at each of the digital transformation pillars IDC researched.

Security remains both a top concern and potential barrier to mobile deployments, according to this mobility research. Business IT teams face challenges with compliance, mitigating issues from lost and stolen devices, and combatting unauthorized access to sensitive data. Whether issuing devices or trusting employees to use their own in the workplace, security concerns are always there.

In its report, IDC found that “The idea that a company’s most sensitive data and systems are a few finger-taps away is a concern for many IT security and risk professionals. This is why mobility in general comes up as a top security challenge, and makes IT decision-makers skittish about the technology.”

Android’s layered defense strategies and continuous innovation help to keep business data secure and accessible whenever your team needs it. Backed by the expert teams at Google, security and privacy are a top priority for Android, enabling businesses to work seamlessly in the cloud.

Android’s multilayered approach to security uses hardware and software protections, and is backed by the built-in malware defense of Mylan generic valsartan. By being open, Android benefits from the shared knowledge of the wider security community, earning third-party validation for its robust enterprise security features.

Solution breadth
Along with security challenges, business IT teams are also exploring which mobile devices to deploy to users, who need to connect easily and quickly to get work done without running into operating system or other compatibility issues. Device choice isn’t one-size-fits-all, and users’ needs vary. For mobile deployments to work, businesses have to be able to address the security, manageability and pricing challenges. Platform and ecosystem flexibility, including device choice, will power these users’ success.

For enterprise success, a platform must offer a diverse range of mobile device types, price points and apps that address a variety of use cases. With the variety of Android device options, teams can build custom solutions on hardware that suits their needs.

Many organizations are turning to Extra super cialis uk to choose devices and services with confidence. We validate devices and the enterprise mobility management and managed service providers to make sure they meet an elevated set of standards for enterprise users.

IDC notes in its research that a rising use case for enterprise needs is dedicated mobile devices. These are fully managed by the enterprise, and used in customer settings like kiosks or digital signage, or for employees handling inventory management or logistics. Two-thirds of enterprises have dedicated devices in use, with Android growing fastest in the market. This is particularly the case with Cost of cymbalta brand, which are growing at five times the market rate of mobile devices generally, according to IDC.

The diversity in device types and price points offered by Android give organizations flexibility, so you can match the appropriate device for each use case.

IT and user experience
A major challenge that IT departments often face is striking the right balance between security and granting employees flexibility in how they use their devices. This tension is especially evident with mobile devices, as many workers want leeway when using personal devices for work.

Android is uniquely positioned to strike this balance with our Vardenafil online cheap capability, which separates personal and corporate data on a device. This ensures strong security safeguards and controls for company data and apps while giving users privacy for how they use personal apps on the device.

Dive deeper into IDC insights
This IDC research has plenty more detail on how enterprise mobility paired with cloud-enabled solutions can boost businesses in today’s competitive landscape. Levitra generika about how a mobile, connected workforce can deliver on digital transformation.

How to start your small business online in three simple steps

You have your business plan and you have your idea, and now you need to get your business out of your head and onto the web. The thing is, as a small business owner, we’re guessing you wear many hats. You may not have a web designer or marketing manager to help you get your business up-and-running online—because that’s your job, too.

This is why we’ve created cloud-first tools that can help you manage your business, whether you need to get a website, create a business email, or collaborate on-the-go with employees.

If you want to get your small business online using G Suite, here are three simple steps to guide you through the process.

1. Buy a domain.
To establish your identity on the web, you’ll need to register a domain (the URL address you use to view a website and send emails). There are a number of companies you can use to secure a domain for your business, including Generic levitra fast shipping.

How to get a domain with Google:

  • First, pick a name. The email domain that you pick can tell a lot about your company and what it stands for. A good rule of thumb is to buy an email domain that’s unique, but that also quickly illustrates what your business can provide.
  • Second, figure out what type of domain you need. As you pick a name, you should also consider the type of domain you might need, like .com, .org, .photography or more. This can help you illustrate, or differentiate, your company’s mission right away (example: .org signifies a nonprofit cause). Check out aBuy generic valacyclovir online, as well as pricing details.
  • Lastly, sign up. Now that you’ve done your research and picked your domain, you’re ready to Comprare sildenafil online.

You can also buy domains and create websites through other companies, like Squarespace or Wix, and easily attach them to Venlafaxine 75 mg price if you still need a business email.

Insider tip: A part of picking out the right domain for your business, is making sure someone else doesn’t already use it. Be sure to Where can i buy kamagra jelly if your domain already exists, and then check on social media to see if the social handles for that name are also available. If they are, sign up as soon as you can for social accounts using the same name as your domain. This will help round out your presence on the web and maximize exposure of your business.

2. Make a business website.
When starting a business online, you’ll want to stake your claim on some digital real estate. Websites are often time-consuming to create if you don’t have a plan in place first. Here’s our advice to help you set up your site:

Tips for building a business website:

  • Define a clear goal for web visitors. Think about what you want people to do when they come to your website. Do you want them to purchase your product or sign up for your newsletter? Then build your site layout and content with that specific goal in mind. It’s important to avoid spreading yourself thin with multiple goals—keep it simple with just one or two key goals and optimize your site to reach them.
  • Plan your page hierarchy. Create an outline of what pages you want to include on your website, such as a “home” page, “about” page, or “pricing” page. Thinking through your page hierarchy upfront will help your customers navigate through your site easier and find the information they need quickly. This can also help you avoid having to update web pages later.
  • Build a budget you can stick to. Take a look at your budget and your schedule and see how much you can dedicate to this website. Your website is like a product, so you can consider the first iteration of your site as the minimum viable product that you need to create. Do you need a shopping cart? Do you need a blog? Make sure to check the boxes for the minimum website features that your business needs to run first. Once you have your requirements, you can make your money work for you and either DIY-it or hire a designer to support you with more complicated elements.

Insider tip: Take your website up a notch and think about the mobile experience of your site. You only have a few seconds to catch people’s attention on their phones.

You can use Buy generic tetracycline online’s tool, Test My Site, an easy way to measure your website’s performance on mobile. Enter your web address into Generic viagra canada pharmacy, and you’ll receive a report with your site score and a list of specific fixes that can help your business connect more quickly with people online.

3. Set up a business email.
A key part of your business is the relationships you’ll build. Relationships are built on communication, so you’ll want to set up an email address at your own domain so you can be contacted easily. More than 5 million paying businesses rely on Gmail for their professional email address to keep their companies running smoothly, particularly because of built-in security protections that block 99.9 percent of phishy emails.


When you create a custom email using your new domain, people outside of your business will know where they can reach you professionally (for example, “stephanie@yourcompany”). With Gmail, it’s easy to collaborate and Generic tadalafil uk—both online or offline and on any device. If you’re ready to set your company up with a business email, Divalproex sodium drug action.

Insider tip: At this point, it’s also a good idea to consider which Drugstore online discount code you want to use for your business, like “sales@yourcompany” for sales inquiries or “help@yourcompany” for support issues. When you’re first starting out with G Suite, emails sent to your aliases will be automatically forwarded straight to your inbox. Later you can change it to other inboxes once you add more team members to your G Suite account.

Building your business’ future
Now that you’ve set your business up online, it’s time to take it one step further by using productivity tools to house your documents, plans, and presentations. As you add new members to your team and grow your business, you can use G Suite apps to store all of your files and to collaborate in real-time. Build project proposals in Docs, crunch business data in Sheets—and have it all automatically saved in Drive. You can even set up video conferencing in Hangouts Meet to help your team stay connected no matter their location.

G Suite includes all the applications you need to get work done, and to get it done fast. Buy finasteride 5mg canada for yourself, or reach out to our experts if you have questions in our Coupon for amlodipine-benazepril.

ScaleUp Institute releases 2019 Female Founder Index

The ScaleUp Institute has revealed that there was a 15 per cent increase in the number of ‘visible scaleups’ in the UK in 2018 – that is those businesses with at least one female founder that have hit Companies House filings thresholds of £10.2 million in annual turnover. The average turnover was £68m. Released last month, the 2019 Report showed these businesses employed 75,600 people – increasing employee numbers and investment by 24% and 49% respectively.

“Our ScaleUp Female Founders are extremely diverse, spanning geographies, generations, and sectors from art galleries to payroll providers, juice bars to care homes, medical practices to cloud hosting platforms,” said the report’s authors. “More than a quarter (26%) operate in the industrial sector. Meet them, celebrate them and promote them.”

See for details of this and other of the institute’s reports.

Q1 UK equity investment slows, but deal-size grows

High growth business data platform Beauhurst released its Equity Investment Market Update for Q1 2019 – showing the latest data on equity investment trends in the UK.

Analysing every publicly-announced equity fundraising in the quarter, Beauhurst said that while deals had fallen 17% on Q4 218, funds raised actually rose by 10% to £2.06 billion. “While amounts have been high since 2017, this is the first time Q1 has seen such a high amount”, the report’s authors said.

“Only 25% of deals were below £500k. This is the lowest share ever, compared with a high of 51% in Q2 2014. The quarter saw a record median deal size of £1.5m, up from a low of £0.48m in Q2 2014. No sector saw a record number of deals, although FinTech set a record amount invested of £948m.”

“Deal numbers fell at the seed, venture and growth stages, and remained level at the established stage. The amount invested at the growth stage remained high, with the other stages of evolution staying in line with historical figures.

The seed-stage numbers are a cause for concern: there were only 142 announced seed deals this quarter (compared to the record of 209 in Q2/16). Since late 2017 the number of seed deals has been converging with the number of venture deals. This will be storing up a problem for the future: if the earliest-stage business doesn’t get funded now, there’ll be fewer growth deals to be done in the future.

Investment fund reaches £25m milestone

The £250 million Midlands Engine Investment Fund announced it has reached a new milestone of funds invested in the region’s businesses. The £25 million so far invested includes £10 million of private sector funds alongside finance from the MEIF – supporting 100 businesses ranging from early stage technology start-ups to established manufacturing firms.

Fully launched in late February 2018, the fund aims to address regional imbalances in finance available to Midlands businesses. Research from the British Business Bank in its Small Business Finance Market Report reported that only four per cent of equity finance deals completed in 2017 were in Midlands firms – demonstrating a need to make finance markets work better for small and medium-sized firms across the MEIF region.

Communities Secretary and ministerial Midlands Engine Champion James Brokenshire said: “The Midlands is home to a huge number of innovative and creative businesses, and schemes like the Midlands Engine Investment Fund are helping them grow.

“A thriving Midlands Engine is vital to our modern Industrial Strategy which is why we are backing business in the region to create high-value jobs for the long-term.

“I am determined the Midlands becomes an even better place to live and work, helps deliver an economy that works for everyone and harnesses the opportunities presented by leaving the European Union.”

For further information in MEIF go to

Midlands businesses take-off

A group of Midlands businesses credited with export success by the Department for International Trade (DIT) have been recognised as Export Champions at an event held at Coventry’s Ricoh Arena.

The 56 leading exporters were selected by DIT for their inspirational approach to growing their businesses through exporting. The appointments come at a time when worldwide appetite for British goods continues to grow, with UK exports up 2% in 2018.

The Head of Exports for DIT in the Midlands Ian Harrison said: “The Midland’s new Export Champions embody global ambition and they are the best candidates to inspire and guide other local businesses on their exporting journey. We’re proud to have them on board and part of a nationwide programme designed to encourage more businesses to grow through exporting by sharing their own experiences.

“We have a wealth of successful exporters across the region and I would encourage them to join the wider community by signing up as Export Advocates. By sharing their export stories via online channels, they will also be part of Exporting is GREAT, the government’s most ambitious exporting campaign ever.”

The Champions will offer practical advice on how to turn exporting ambitions into a reality utilising their experience and offer guidance on how DIT can help them break into new markets.

The Midlands’ Export Champions include Malvern-based jewellery maker Beach Art Glass and Loughborough’s Morningside Pharmaceuticals, which manufactures and supplies medicinal products.

The national Export Champion community, launched in March as part of the Exporting is GREAT campaign, was introduced in response to a desire from businesses to receive peer-to-peer exporting support. There are now 250 Export Champions active across England, and DIT’s ambition is to expand the programme to at least 1,000 Champions by April 2020.

DIT is inviting businesses wanting to take their first steps towards exporting to become an Export Advocate. Export Advocates will form part of an online exporting community where they can ask questions about overseas trade, get advice on overcoming barriers, and find out about specific support available.

To find information on current opportunities with DIT, see or contact: DIT West Midlands, and 0345 222 0159.

Institute of Directors launches new open house roadshows

The IoD has launched a series of three simultaneous roadshows across the country as a part of its remit to ‘innovate through inclusive and unconventional thinking’.

Its showpiece event for business leaders – IoD Open House – gives businesspeople the chance to learn from and network with some of the business world’s greatest thought leaders.

The three themes are Global Business, Connected Business and Inclusive Business. Locations include Hull, Nottingham, Manchester, Newcastle Upon Tyne, London, Bristol and Cardiff.

For further details, contact the IoD Events Manager on 0207 766 8817 or Email

Carbon Trust offers SMEs fully funded energy audits to help reduce energy spend

The Carbon Trust Green Business Fund is the energy efficiency support service for small and medium-sized businesses in England, Wales and Scotland. It provides fully funded support through energy assessments, implementation advice and equipment procurement support to help companies achieve a substantial energy and cost savings for their business. Since the programme started in 2016, we have helped hundreds of businesses reduce their energy spend and become more energy efficient.

Energy opportunity assessments are an excellent way for businesses to identify cost saving opportunities and develop a business case for the purchase of more efficient equipment. These consultations take place either remotely or on-site, depending on the size of your business. This service is fully funded by the Green Business Fund and is available to qualifying SMEs who meet the criteria.

Adrian Young of Young Calibration Ltd, a growing SME, said “The Carbon Trust provided us with a thorough, excellent energy assessment and workable solutions for immediate and longer-term objectives for reducing our energy consumption.”

After completing an initial energy assessment businesses may wish to apply for implementation advice and equipment procurement support to help find reputable suppliers who will install appropriately specified equipment for their business needs.  Designed to support businesses with a specific energy saving project in mind (e.g. lighting), your organisation can receive up to 5 days of support from a Carbon Trust consultant – at no cost to yourselves.  This is available for companies with up to 1,000 employees in England, Scotland or Wales.

As part of the wider Green Business Fund programme, we also run a series of workshops around the country aimed at businesses with less than 50 employees. These workshops are typically two hours long and provide a technical overview of best practices for energy efficiency, focusing on major areas of energy consumption, such as heating, lighting, and insulation. Businesses are encouraged to get in touch to request a workshop in their local area.

Free technical webinars are put on several times a month and are delivered by one of the Carbon Trust’s energy experts. These hour long sessions are an easy way to get advice about energy consumption in specific areas of business. Companies can also download our series of free and impartial energy efficiency guides for advice on reducing their carbon footprint, energy efficient technology, renewable energy technologies, and other sector-based advice.

To discuss how your business could benefit from the support on offer, or if you have any questions about the Green Business Fund please email us on or call us on 020 3944 0739 to speak to one of our advisors.

DIT Seeks UK Design Businesses for December Hong Kong Fair

The UK Department of Trade Arthrotec 75 buy online its involvement in Business of Design Week (BODW) in Hong Kong – Asia’s leading annual event on design, innovation and brands. The weeklong event held in December 2019 will consist of a conference, an exhibition (DesignInspire), satellite and pop-up events that attract leaders of the design world, business professionals, property developers, academia, and construction, retail and heritage organisations.

“As BODW’s Partner Country for 2019, the UK will showcase the best of British design and demonstrate our leadership in creative thinking and design management,” DIT said.

“We are looking for exceptional UK designers, design companies and educational institutions to be part of this showcase. Further details will be announced, but you can register interest here.

Shopify Releases Report on E-Commerce

Entitled ‘Pantoprazole 40 mg online, the report says “What the data shows — and what the leaders we spoke to from brands at the forefront said — isn’t that retail is failing nor that success is tied to innovation for innovation’s sake. Instead, it points to the now unignorable centre of commerce: customer choice.”

It opens with perhaps its most significant statement: “1. Ecommerce v Retail: The Dichotomy Ends. For all its enduring hype — physical versus digital, offline versus on — the old war is over. In fact, it’s always been a lie. Choice, not location, is commerce’s greatest opportunity and its most-looming threat.”

Amazon US Retail Bid Still on the Cards?

Amazon tracking site Priligy australia sale says that the company could be planning to develop a new chain of physical grocery stores in the United States following the hiring of discount supermarket veteran Patrick Waldron as its new Head of Real Estate.

The website said: “Waldron joined Amazon in September according to his Ordering wellbutrin, though Amazon has not officially announced his hiring that we have seen. Previously, Waldron was Vice President of Real Estate and Business Development at Cetirizin mit oder ohne rezept, a discount grocery store chain with over 1,300 locations in the United States…

“Prior to Save-A-Lot, Waldron was Vice President of Real Estate at discount supermarket chain Viagra cialis order online (US), where he worked for several years, moving to Save-A-Lot shortly after Lidl opened its first US stores. Today, Lidl operates about 65 stores in the US, also mainly in the eastern states (and thousands more in Europe).”

Last week, Esther Fung and Heather Haddon reported in the Wall Street Journal that Amazon is planning to open “dozens of grocery stores in several major U.S. cities” beyond the shops it already owns through its $13.7 billion acquisition of Whole Foods in 2017.

Microsoft to Sell Windows 7 Security Support from April 1

Microsoft Silagra kaufen deutschland that it will start selling Windows 7 Extended Security Updates (ESU) from April 1. The company said: “They will be sold on a per-device basis for eligible customers and the price will increase each year.” The move is part of the software giant’s long term move to migrate all customers to Window 10 and Office 365 “as they provide the most productive, secure, and cost-effective experience for users and IT departments.”

Windows 7’s support ends on January 14, 2020, but ESU will provide security fixes for uncovered or reported vulnerabilities in the operating system beyond that point. For example, the announcement stated that ‘Office 365 ProPlus will be supported on devices with active Windows 7 Extended Security Updates through January 2023. This means that customers who purchase the Windows 7 Extended Security Updates will be able to continue to run Office 365 ProPlus.” The company said it would also release a new version of Windows 10 in the month.

In other news, Microsoft has enabled its Android Excel app to Buy prometrium online uk from a photograph. The app can Canada drug pharmacy wichita kansas on your Android device and automatically convert the picture into a fully editable table in Excel. This new image recognition functionality eliminates the need for you to manually enter hardcopy data. This capability is starting to roll out for the Excel Android app with iOS support coming soon.

Facebook’s Workplace App Targets Slack and Microsoft Teams

Facebook’s Workplace app reached 2 million paid users as it targets SMEs, Where to buy levitra online in canada has reported. Imitrex injection buywrites that according to data just released by the company, Workplace has since 2016 been deployed by 150 companies with more than 10,000 users, and organizations such as Nestlé, Starbucks and Walmart have rolled it out to more 100,000 workers.

Workplace is a corporate version of its consumer social network—a way to drive employee engagement, communication and collaboration.

Marks says “Now that the application has matured, Facebook is turning towards the giant small business market, which is mostly dominated by collaboration apps Slack and Microsoft Teams. But there’s certainly room to grow. The company plans to add reseller and other consulting partners (if your business in interested you can sign up Flagyl over the counter canada), develop a more robust mobile version and potentially change its marketing approach to appeal to this broader audience.”

Commercial Insurer Re-boots UK SME Cyber Offering

Major commercial insurer QBE has launched a new offering into the UK and European SME market as part of a shake-up of its cyber-insurance products to reflect the evolving threat. Buy gold max female viagra australia Business Insurance has been described as an “innovative e-trade product” designed to support SMEs as the cyberattack threats expands.

The firm pointed out that over half of the UK’s small and medium-sized firms have faced at least one cyber breach in the last 12 months – and now QBE Cybercrime has been launched on Acturis to help tackle that threat.

It includes cyber cover, crime cover and business interruption cover within one policy; cover for social engineering fraud to provide reassurances for the increasing risk of impersonation fraud; and 24hr specialist data breach support to get businesses back up and running.

“The SME sector is the backbone of the UK economy,” said Dave Greaves, head of SME at QBE. “At a time when businesses are facing an increasingly greater threat from cyber, exacerbated by the implementation of the GDPR, it is important that SMEs have insurance cover in place that is tailored to fit their needs and is straightforward for brokers to purchase on their behalf.”

For an in-depth resource on the cyber-threat in your particular industry, download the Verizon Retail cost of cymbalta 30 mg.

Two-Thirds of UK Business Still Unprepared for MTD

KPMG UK released statistics last month showing that many businesses are not prepared for the April Making Tax Digital (MTD) VAT deadline. “Making Tax Digital is a key part of the government’s plans to make it easier and more effective for individuals and businesses to get their tax right and keep on top of their affairs,” said the report. But while 64% of the 1,000 UK businesses who took part in their survey agreed that MTD is a good idea they said more support was needed.

The regulation, which applies to all VAT-registered businesses with a taxable turnover above the VAT threshold, is part of the government’s ambition to become one of the most digitally advanced tax administrations. It will make it easier for individuals and businesses to get their tax right first time, helping minimise errors.

A report published in January by a financial software vendor backs up these claims. Jon Wrennall, Chief Technology Officer at Advanced, said “Just 57% of organisations in the UK say they will be ready for Making Tax Digital which comes into force from 1st April, according to our latest Trends Survey Report…

“The government is right to implement initiatives that mean organisations need to become more digital but our research suggests that not enough support is being given to help them prepare. However, this responsibility doesn’t fall to the government alone. Suppliers approved by HMRC to support Making Tax Digital need to offer ongoing support too, as well as provide software that is accessible and user-friendly – otherwise businesses will continue to hold back or make errors.”

From 1 April 2019, most VAT-registered businesses above the £85,000 threshold will have to keep digital records going forward, as well as submit their VAT returns using compatible software.

The fresh new business event at the NEC

There is a new event in town, it’s taking over from SME Live and is on a mission to become the most important business event in the UK. It’s happening in Birmingham, at the NEC in October 23rd- 24th 2019.

Designed to inform, inspire, engage and connect business owners from the Midlands to expert exhibitors and speakers that can get them firing on all cylinders and provide critical advice, products and services to help them deliver growth.

The Midlands is consistently the fastest growing region outside of London but lacks a major UK business event. SME Live has laid the foundations and now following stakeholder feedback from visitors, exhibitors, government, industry associations and business leaders the proposition is evolving into the Festival of Enterprise.

The Festival of Enterprise takes a different approach to SME Live so expect to see more big-name business leaders, more marketing masters and more sources of funding join hundreds of innovative exhibitors showcasing solutions with one goal in mind – business growth.

Mix in experiential features to ramp up the fun factor and high impact networking the Festival will be unlike anything seen before.

At the helm of the Festival of Enterprise is Event Director Tansy Stevens, an exhibition industry award winner, who joins after a 15-year career as Sales and Sponsorship Director on global super shows the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona and BETT in London (two shows with 150,000 visitors between them).

Tansy says ‘I’m very excited to head up the new Festival of Enterprise having had the benefit of working with thousands of exhibitors to maximise their ROI and I’m looking forward to building on the already excellent exhibitor base to showcase more innovative solutions to the visitors’

James Ashwood steps into a new role as Director of Marketing and heads up the 2019 operations to curate the content that motivates visitors and drive the communications that delivers them to the event.

Commenting, James says ‘We launched SME2017 and SME Live at the NEC because there is a clear need to create a major UK business event based in Birmingham rather than London.

With HS2 and the Commonwealth Games arriving we are aligning the Festival of Enterprise event to reach its potential by 2022 and become the most important business event in the whole of the UK with benefits that go beyond the region.

We have taken 2 years of learning and thousands of datapoints from participants to evolve the event format to the next level and the Festival of Enterprise will be unlike anything seen at the NEC or anywhere before. My new role will enable me to focus 100% on the needs of the visitors and packing out the show floor’.


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The Festival of Enterprise will help close the digital gap

Digital skills are essential to small business growth and the Festival of Enterprise will build on an area of great success at SME Live, where the most popular keynote sessions were delivered by the titans of digital including Google, Facebook and AWS.

Recent research from Lloyds Bank Business and Charity Index shows significant opportunity for improvement with 51% of the regions small and medium businesses lacking basic skills.

Key areas for improvement include trading online digitally, where the region is behind the curve both in domestic and international sales.

The Festival of Enterprise Marketing Masters Arena will help Midlands business owners sharpen up digital marketing skills and win more customers regionally, nationally and internationally.

Commenting, Festival of Enterprise Director of Marketing James Ashwood says ‘It’s great to read that Lloyds are putting their shoulder behind providing free access to training over the next 12 months to help close the digital skills gap and we intend to offer them the space at the of the Festival of Enterprise at the NEC to host one of these training events, possibly their largest one of the year’.

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NEC goes from strength to strength

The home of the Festival of Enterprise, the NEC is going from strength to strength having been acquired by Blackstone, an organisation with deep ties to the exhibition industry.

Having seen a fresh new external and internal look with more digital features throughout, the leading UK exhibition venue has succeeding in creating a modern environment in which to do business.

As an exhibition organiser; location, accessibility and venue facilities are key factors because everything we do is for the visitors.

Commenting, James Ashwood, Director of Marketing says ‘Once again our decision to locate the Midlands keystone business event at the NEC keeps on paying back. As a venue partner, the NEC is exceptional because of its commitment to creating the best possible visitor experience. As we grow the Festival of Enterprise there are also additional great locations on campus for awards ceremonies, parties and innovative spaces to host 21st century networking opportunities.’

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