Together we are, the Festival of Enterprise

Vision for 2022
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Our Mission

The Festival of Enterprise is here to help business owners with:

  • Getting off the ground and generating sustainable revenues
  • Smashing the £1m sales barrier
  • Scaling up past £10m turnover
  • Developing the leadership traits needed to successfully grow (and exit) a business
  • …and everything essential in between
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Our Home

The Festival of Enterprise, now in its 3rd year at the NEC, is on target to become the most innovative and valuable business event in the UK. We live and love the subject matter. Having worked through our first two years in ‘Start Up’ mode, adapting to overcome challenges on the way (just like our visitors), we are on our own ‘Scaling Up’ journey.

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Our Growth

We are building towards an attendance of over 20,000 by 2022. Why? “If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants” Isaac Newton Small business owners need help to succeed. We know, we are one of them. Let’s harness the power of knowledge and share it with ambitious business owners, who are prepared to learn from giants.

Our door is always open

The Festival of Enterprise event is committed to putting business owners in touch with the experts who can help them. Being better at business is more than being good at your core discipline, it’s about being smart, its about learning from those who have gone through the same, its about anticipating the challenges ahead and asking the right questions…

Festival Chatting

If you can answer any of these questions, get in touch – let us connect you to business owners who can benefit from your expertise and become valuable customers.

  • ‘Who do I go to raise funding to grow my business?’
  • ‘How do I drive demand for my products and services’
  • ‘How do I get investment ready?’
  • ‘How can I generate more revenues without spending more?’
  • ‘How do I attract and retain the right staff?’
  • ‘What IT does my business really need to invest in?’
  • ‘What grants and support are there for my business?’,
  • ‘Who can help me sell my products overseas?’

Contact Us:

The Festival of Enterprise management team have over 100 years expertise in large scale events, having overseen exhibitions such as Mobile World Congress, BETT, BVE, PLASA and countless more. We are committed to creating events that bring communities together and help both the visitors and exhibitors get the maximum value by participating.

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